Radio Scripts

Hi, this is State Representative Tama Theis. I believe the job of a legislator is to put people first. That’s why worked to widen I94 and expand the St. Cloud Convention Center including more parking to assist downtown businesses. I supported a 5% raise for caregivers for our elderly and disabled. I voted for extra money for schools including programs that make sure no school child goes through the day hungry.

I’ll continue to put your needs first. That’s why I’m asking for you to vote for me, Tama Theis on November 4th. Paid for by the Tama Theis for Minnesota House.

Hello. I’m State Representative Tama Theis. I’m honored to represent you at our State Capitol. I will continue working hard to make sure we set good priorities, reduce unnecessary red tape and grow jobs and economic opportunity. I’ve listened carefully, and I know you’re tired of government as usual. That’s why I’ve worked across party lines, providing common sense leadership instead of partisan bickering. As your State Representative, I will continue to work for strong education support and outcomes, private sector job growth, and fiscal responsibility. I’m working hard for you, and I respectfully ask for your vote on November 4th!

On November 4th, vote to re-elect State Representative Tama Theis! Paid for by Tama Theis for MN House.

Vote Tama Theis on November 4th. Paid for by Tama Theis for MN House.

Tuesday Nov 4th is an important election!

This is State Representative Tama Theis. It is a deep honor serving you and representing the interests of our community at your State Legislature. I have heard your desire for common sense, and a focus on important priorities like good paying jobs, strong schools and effective, efficient government. I will continue providing common sense leadership and I am honored to serve you. I respectfully ask for your vote!

On Tuesday, November 4th, re-elect Tama Theis for State Representative!